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2º Bach — Extra credit assignment (Semana Santa) 2015

A folktale or legend

Write a 300-word essay about a folktale or legend from a town or region of Spain that is important to you. Describe the origins of the story, including its history and social context. Write a short summary of the folktale or legend. Then give your interpretation of what it means or what the message of the story is. What do folktales tell us about the people who tell them?


  1. Introduction (25-50 words)
  2. Summary (approx.100-125 words)
  3. Interpretation/analysis (approx. 100-125 words)
  4. Conclusion (25-50 words)

Good luck. I look forward to reading your work.

Contact me at christianperez (at) colegioarturosoria (dot) org if you have any questions.

Due by April 10th.


Hi all,

Some students at Alfrink College are involved in a project to try and relate the happiness of the youth and the prosperity of a country. They have asked us for collaboration and will be very thankful if some of you take some minutes to fill in the following  survey, which consists of 20 questions. The survey is completely anonymous; they only ask the students’ gender, age and nationality.

Here is the link to it:


Prepositions. A tricky business

Using the right preposition is one of the most complicated things of the English language. As you already know, very often the preposition in English does not coincide with the one we would use in Spanish for the same context. The only way to get to know them well is by practicing a lot. That’s what we have done in class, but here you will find some of the exercises  in case you want to continue practicing. Enjoy!!


Prepositions (3)Prepositions(3) (solution)

2º ESO B – Where’s the Octopus?

Dear students,

Please watch this video and prepare these questions for our quiz on Monday, February 9th.

  1. What made a marine biologist scream?

  2. Mention some of the tricks the octopus has at its disposal to camouflage.

  1. What did the octopus pretend to be?

  1. What is the amazing thing about an octopus regarding his sight?

  1. What is the scientist studying in order to understand this phenomenon?

  1. How many colours does the squid skin contain? Which ones?

  1. What else happens with the colourful spots?

  2. How many basic patterns do they use to achieve their camouflage?

Good luck!