exam on the first three texts

Dear students,

as you already know, 29th Oct is the day of your exam on the first three texts, plus two videos we have seen and worked in the class. Study the corresponding vocabulary and read carefully the texts and watch the videos again to be able to answer questions and/or give required information on them.

We remind you, the texts you have to focus on are:

– Emperors of the Ice

Life in the Factory Towns

I am Malala


David Cameron’s emotional speech:


Child Labour in Eastern Europe:

YOUTUBE: Child Labour: A Day in the Life (15.01)


Take it seriously and start working on it NOW!!!

Raquel and Hana.


Linking expressions

Hello students,

Thanks for taking the time to read the blog. You’re so clever!

I hope that my posts here on the blog will help you to expand and enrich your English.

Here are some linking words and expressions for you all to study and use (see the links below, in two word docs).

They come in very handy when you need to organize your writing and express your ideas clearly.



Linking expressions

linking words