Climate Change (3º ESO)

First, read the article and listen to the story from NPR.

Next, write definitions for these words.

doom, gloom, dire, grim, hubris, drought, overwhelming, consensus, yield (crop yields), to starve, ingenuity

Then provide your own thoughtful answers to the following questions. Please write complete sentences and strive for clarity.

  1. Why did Mr. Tol refuse to put his name on the report?
  2. What did he disagree with?
  3. How does Mr. Field defend the report?
  4. In Field’s opinion, what are the dangers?
  5. How could hubris play a role in this situation?
  6. What do all of the scientists in this news story agree on?
  7. In your opinion, how clear is the message of this news story?
  8. Do you agree with the way it is reported? Do you agree with NPR’s coverage or do you think it’s biased?

This assignment should be no longer than a page (approx. 250-300 words). It will be due after Semana Santa but you can give it to me sooner if you want to.

Good luck!


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