Reported Speech 2º Bachillerato Josefina

Reported Speech

1. ‘I would like to go out for dinner’, Leah said to Brian.

2. ‘I left my books here yesterday’, David said.

3. ‘I can’t help you’, Anna said.

4. ‘Could you please order a taxi?’, Helen asked Jim.

5. ‘How much money have you got, Andrew?’, Paul said.

6. ‘Did anyone try to call an ambulance?, she asked.

7. ‘What have you prepared for our meeting?, she asked him.

8. ‘Which hotel do you think is best?’, she enquired.

9. ‘Are you going to work now?’, she wanted to know.

10. ‘Whose book is this?’, she enquired.

11. ‘Give me an answer soon, please’, the manager said.

12. ‘Put these clothes into the cupboard’, she said to me.

13. ‘Sit down and be quiet’, the teacher told the class.

14. ‘Where will you be next Sunday at four o’clock?’, he asked.

15. ‘Can you let me use your car, please?’, Jane asked her mother.

16. ‘How about going to see a film?’, she said.

17. ‘Would you like to join us for supper?’, we asked our guests.

18. ‘Let’s not make a decision right now’, Annette suggested.

19. ‘Have you ever visited the Louvre in Paris?’, he wanted to know.

20. ‘When did you start acting, Melissa?, Peter said.

21. ‘Can we leave tonight or tomorrow morning?’, she wondered.

22. ‘Please, let’s not argue any more’, he begged.

23. ‘We will also apply for a grant’, the volunteers added.

24. ‘Let’s order pizza instead of Chinese food’, Dan said.

25. ‘What’s the time?’, she said.

26. ‘I might come to the party’, Judy said.

27. ‘You shouldn’t play with matches’, the teacher told the pupil.

28. ‘Let’s go to see Blade Runner‘, David suggested

29. ‘The telephone bill must also be paid this month’, she added.

30. ‘How can we find out?’, Mary told us.

31. ‘Students have to hand in library books’, the librarian said.

32. ‘Who assassinated John F. Kennedy?, he asked.

33. ‘Let’s not fight over this!’, she said.

34. ‘My plane will arrive at seven o’clock tomorrow’, she told me.

35. ‘Let’s take a taxi!’, she said.

36. ‘Did you hear the news last night?’, he asked.

37. ‘Will you let me stay out late tonight?’, Andrew asked his mother.

38. ‘Where can we eat?’, Mary wanted to know.

39. ‘The castle will be closed to visitors tomorrow’, the guide said.

40. ‘I have to go out now’, Peter said to his mother.

As you know the best way to learn is to practise, so let’s practise.


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