Short-story Contest

Dear students,

The Department has received an invitation to participate in a writing contest organized by Newlink Education.

The contest is divided into three categories:

  • Category A: 1º and 2º ESO
  • Category B: 3º and 4º ESO
  • Category C: 1º and 2º Bachillerato

Each contestant will be allowed to present only one work entitled «An Unforgettable Summer».

The format of the work is a Word document with 2- centimetre margins on the right, left, top and bottom,  in Arial 10.

The minimum length is one side of an A4 page, and the maximum two sides of an A4 page.

Imagination and creativity will be especially valued.

No need to say that contestants cannot receive any help.

In order to register in the contest, students must fill in a form in the web

When completing the data about your teacher, write the teacher’s school e-mail and the school telephone number: 91-4157295

The deadline for the inscription is 31December 2014, and the deadline to present the works 31 January 2014.

The prize for the winners (one per category) is a 2-week language course in Hull (England), everything included, in July 2015.

We encourage you to participate, you could be one of the winners!

Good luck!


Extra Credit: Restaurant Review (Due on or before Friday Nov. 21)

Write about a (real) restaurant you either like or dislike very much, including the name and location. In order to write a good review, you should try to cover the following points:

  • Food: Name the dishes you tried. Comment on the flavor, the presentation, freshness, spicing. Did the food arrive hot? Were the portions big enough?
  • Service: Was the waiter helpful and well-informed? Was the table cleared quickly? Did your drinks arrive when needed? Was your waiter’s attention easy to get when you needed something? Did you get your bill quickly when you were ready to leave?
  • Ambiance: Was the restaurant clean? Was it well decorated and comfortable? How were the other customers? Was there music? Was it too loud?
  • Other: Was the restaurant better or worse than others like it? Was it a good deal? Should you make a reservation? Is it a good place for a large group? What are the strong points? What needs improving?
  • Length: About 200 words, typed, 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing

You will be evaluated on:

  • Content
    How well you have fulfilled the task? In other words, have you done what you were asked to do?
  • Communicative Achievement
    How appropriate is the writing for the task? Have you used the appropriate register, for example formal or informal
  • Organization
    How effectively did you structure your piece of writing? In other words, is it logical and ordered?
  • Language
    How well did you use vocabulary and grammar? This includes the range and variety of language as well as how accurate it is.

Send it to me at

Good luck!