Contents to review for September’s exam (4th grade)

Dear students,

Unfortunately, you haven’t reached the objectives set for this course, but you still have the opportunity to consolidate the language that will enable you to face next course with prospects of success. Take advantage of it and work during the summer not only to pass the exam but, above all to improve.

Contents to review:

– Vocabulary of all the units (it’s very important to study it in context)

– Verb tenses

– Modality (present and past)

– Conditional sentences, regrets and wishes (if only, I wish, had better…)

– Relative clauses

– Body idioms (have a sharp tongue…), word pairs (safe and sound…)

– Gradable adjectives with their intensifiers and extreme adjectives with their intensifiers

– Multi-word verbs

Remember that we posted some exercises in the blog. You can use them to study.

Have a nice summer.

See you in September,

Raquel and Josefina.