Comparing news reports (22M)

For this assignment I would like you to compare two news stories about the 22M demonstration in Madrid. Please include the URL of both sources. Examine and describe the similarities and differences between the two stories. Try to determine whether the reports are accurate or biased (distorted). Give your opinion on the event and the way it was represented in the articles you have read. Length 250-300 words.

Here are some links to get you started if you need help. 1-BCH 22M news

This will be due on Thursday, April 3rd.

Good luck!


Giusseppina, a happy centenarian.

We recently read an article about an American centenarian who wrote a book offering some insight  about the factors that play a role in longevity.

Read Giuseppina’s story and write an essay comparing both women’s lives.      Giussepina

This is a volunteer task, but I encourage you to do it; not only will you learn and practice your writing skills, but  you will also be properly rewarded with a good mark!!!

Enjoy your work


This assignment is due for Friday, April 4th

Abortion debate

I’d like you to read up on the current abortion debate in Spain.

I’ve collected some interesting and useful articles in this document:

Abortion Debate

Tomorrow we can continue our discussion. I look forward to hearing more of your perspectives and opinions on this important subject!

Homework Assignment

Write a letter to a political figure about changing the abortion law. Either express your support for the proposed law or your opposition to it.

Explain why by:

1) presenting 3 assertions and backing them up

2) expressing your opinions, beliefs, and doubts

3) making a comparison

4) making a recommendation or suggestion

Try to be organized, coherent, logical, persuasive, and convincing. Check your work for spelling and grammar.

Good luck!

Note: This assignment is due by Thursday, March 20th.


Introducing additional information: relative clauses, participle clauses and appositions.

In the attached file, you’ll find some information about a famous British writer: Daniel Defoe.

Complete the text with the addicional information provided, by using relative clauses, participle clauses and appositions.

This task is very useful to learn how to organise information in an appropiate way and improve your writing skills.

May you have any doubt, do not hesitate to ask me!