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Getting prepared for SYMUN and MUNA

Getting prepared for LEMUN and MUNA

The first step of your preparation is elaborating a Country Profile of the country you represent.

To do so, answer the questions that appear in the following link:

Most of the information needed to fill out a Country Profile can be found in the CIA World Factbook.

Those of you who represent a city,  look up the key facts about it (situation, population, size…) and elaborate a City Profile.

The following step will be to prepare your position paper, a document in which you have to state your country’s position on the issue, the achievements your country has accomplished so far, and very important, measures your country proposes to addres the issue globaly.

Next, you are to write  a  resolution draft. In it, you must include preambulatory clauses to contextualise the issue and operative clauses providing some sensible, attatinable solutions to it.

You must be conscientious and do a good work. The webpage may be very useful to you.

You can also have a look at this blog’s entry Lemun 2017. In it, you will find a very useful guide that Will help you a lot.

If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to ask me.


Muna 2017


21 students from Arturo Soria Shool  have participated in the Model of United Nations organised by Alfrink College for the seventh time in a row.

They arrived full of enthusiasm, and have returned loaded with confidence and determination, fully aware of the power of their voice. No doubt will this experience contribute to making them individuals that are not afraid of speaking up, that will be the voice of those who do not have a voice.

We are very proud of them for they have got on very well in an academic English, in a multicultural environment, being excellent ambassadors of our school.







During the 10th, 11th and 12th of May,  some students of 4th ESO have attended a Model of United Nations workshop carried out by four students of Alfrink College who have visited us for that purpose.

The workshop, all in English, has consisted of two parts; in the first part  the students have been thoroughly briefed on the functioning of United Nations, and in the second one, they have practiced debate procedures and have got familiar with amendments and resolutions.

All the participants have shown a lot of enthusiasm, and we congratulate them on their excellent work.


Seminario MUNA en el Colegio Arturo Soria

Seminario MUNA en el Colegio Arturo Soria

Muna 2016

The 1st Bachillerato students who have participated in MUNA2016 have just returned from Holland, happy and proud of having been such good ambassadors of our school.